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Fruit Storage

Achieving a 25-30 week storage window for a proportion of the Italian crop is critical for ZGS to provide 12 month supply.

Growing conditions in Italy are harsher than in New Zealand with more extreme heat, cold, wet and dry events. In general, the demand for fruit is such that it is sold before long term storage is required. However, ZGS Europe has been undertaking monitoring and trials to prepare for increased volumes and the need to store fruit for longer. Monitoring performed to date indicates that the overall fruit storage performance potential has not shown to be significantly different from New Zealand. Based on analysis of fruit softening rates, under optimal conditions the fruit will soften at a similar rate to New Zealand-grown fruit.

The second year of long storage trials was undertaken in 2020/21 on 179 pallets across 7 Pack Houses in France and Italy. Fruit with optimal storage potential were selected from 3 to 4 growers. The fruit was either packed directly (within 24 to 48hrs), held in binstores or within Controlled Atmosphere. After 20 weeks, 70% of the fruit was sent to market and 6 pallets were remaining in stock when the first fruit arrived from New Zealand. CA storage continues to be promising and achieved the best storage results with better firmness and lower defects.

SunGold Kiwifruit in Europe continues to show the potential for long storage and with management of inventory and cold stores continues to improve. There is more work yet to do to understand and implement optimal fruit harvest, selection and subsequent inventory and storage management to deliver long storage for larger volumes. Achieving long term storage is a key element of the ZGS 2030 strategy to deliver 12 month supply.

Both Korea and Japan have insufficient supply at present to fully understand the storage potential of locally grown SunGold Kiwifruit. We will be working closely with growers and postharvest facilities in the coming seasons to ensure that we can achieve long term storage goals to deliver on 12 month supply.